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    AEFA Bearing has established wide
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    The best bearing in the world
    will not reach its maximum life

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AEFA is one of the leading company that deals in manufacturing of the Ball bearings. Our main aim is to provide anti-friction bearing to different industries for better work. This type of product allows one to work with fixed and moving parts in a free motion without resistance. It is one of the essential parts when it comes to a moving machine that requires a guide and holds with the mechanized engineering. The minimum fiction in equipment allows it to not tear or wear out.
Chaudhary Bearings is extremely committed towards quality work and deals in top management services. In addition to this, the employees and another member of the company offer their support consistently to work on the high-quality bearing product. Our experts are dealing in the striking correct and precise product in order to give our best services to customers. We try our best to exceed while working on the requirement of customer and works immensely on the specifications.
The best thing about AEFA ball bearings is that you will be able to observe work with efficiency with minimum resources. On top of that our staff members are well trained and involve themselves in the operations in order to improve the overall quality of the product. The services, process, and products manufactured will be of best quality with the topmost efforts from our team end. We monitor and keep a track on the process with an intention to satisfy customers with the best of our knowledge.

Ball Bearings

The Cost-Effective Quality Equipment

Main Clients and Markets– We are dealing with ball bearings services for many years. Our products are distributed in over 70 countries all over the globe in different industries.
Customer Services – Our engineering team works tirelessly to provide the best quality products to clients. They work on its design and manufacturing work from the beginning until the product reaches its destination.
Bearing Selection Service– AEFA works on the service and performance on a whole new level. We are dealing in the dependency of the bearing in order to select off the life of a product.
Bearing Handling Service - Ball bearing rollers will reach every single corner with topmost quality that will work effectively in terms of life span and working tendency.
Bearing Fitting Service – With a total of three decades of experience, we have managed to earn a reputed image in the market. This is all due to our workflow and quality that allows us to work on different challenges with ease.
Lubrication Service – In addition to all the other services, we make sure that ball bearings are properly lubricated so that there is no issue with work. It always has synthetic and mineral oil so that the work is done without any fiction.
Smoothness is our major game player in the aspect of different opportunity. We are dealing in every single aspect of ball bearings that allows us to maintain suave workflow. We have different departments that ensure that overall performance meets the quality standards.

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Main Clients and markets

AEFA Bearing has established wide distributorships in more than 70 countries throughout the world.

Customer Service

Service at AEFA means a lot more. Our engineers offer qualified support from the very beginning.

Bearing Selection services

Machine performance and service life largely depend on which bearings are selected.

Bearing Handling Service

The best bearing in the world will not reach its maximum life unless it is properly.

Bearing Fitting Service

AEFA has almost 30 years of experience of the conditions and challenges around..

Lubrication Service

Lubricating grease consists of a mineral or synthetic oil combined with a thickener.

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